Zimbabwe Network for Health – Europe

ZimHealth’s Annual Reports presents the work carried out by the organisation to support and sustain public health delivery service in Zimbabwe. As we build relationships with communities all over the world both Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe, we invite you to take a moment to read about our work in public health and the quest for universal quality healthcare for all Zimbabweans.

The Annual Report outlines ZimHealth’s achievements, challenges and progress during the year. It also details the organization’s budget, volunteer numbers and focus areas of work. Please find the annual reports for ZimHealth over the past few years. (Note the disruption in ZimHealth activities during the COVID Pandemic).



  • ZimHealth Annual Report 2016. Download here.
  • ZimHealth Annual Report 2017. Download here.
  • ZimHealth Annual Report 2018. Download here.
  • ZimHealth Annual Report 2019. Download here.
  • ZimHealth Annual Report 2022. Download here.


  • Minutes of the 2018 AGM. Download here.
  • MinutesĀ of the 2019 AGM. Download here.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please reach out to us at info@zimhealth.org. If you would like to join ZimHealth follow this link to subscribe to our mailing list and/or become a member or here to donate online.