Zimbabwe Network for Health – Europe

ZimHealth is a non-governmental, non-profit association, registered in Geneva and established by Zimbabweans living in Europe to mobilise financial, material and human resources to support health services in Zimbabwe.

• Zimhealth continues to inform and engage interested individuals, stakeholders and partners about the success and needs of the public health system in Zimbabwe towards equitable and sustained health care for all Zimbabweans.

• Zimhealth continue to support rehabilitation of primary, secondary and tertiary public health facilities by utilizing in a partnership and team based, transparent and highly targeted project support system.

• The Zimbabwe Network for Health is a registered association in Geneva, founded by Zimbabweans as a non-profit organisation.

• Zimbabweans within Zimbabwe and outside in the diaspora, as individuals, continue to show tremendous willingness and generosity to contribute to the health and welfare of family and friends in Zimbabwe. ZimHealth builds on this collective responsibility and solidarity to expand the contribution to achieve more by providing not only for family and friends but also including other fellow countrywomen and men.

• ZimHealth unites Zimbabweans and friend of Zimbabwe from all walks of life in order to mobilise resources which are urgently required to further develop and sustain health services in Zimbabwe.

Our Objectives

Inform, educate and communicate the status and needs of the Zimbabwe public health delivery system to all Zimbabweans in Switzerland and the rest of Europe, as well as to the European public.
Raise funds and other support from individuals in Switzerland and the rest of Europe and from private corporations and international, multi-lateral and bilateral agencies.
Distribute equitably funds and materials to health services in all provinces and districts of Zimbabwe, as far as resources allow.

Latest News and Events

ZimHealth Annual General Meeting 2017

ZimHealth Europe, held its Annual General Meeting at Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland on the 25th of March this year. Attendance at the AGM was pleasing. Some 40 members and friends were present.
ZimHealth Europe, a tenu son assemblée générale annuelle à l’Université Webster à Genève, en Suisse, le

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ZimHealth nominated for Zimbabwe Achievers Award 2017

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ZimHealth Annual Fundraising Gala – 17 November 2016

ZimHealth promised you a night to remember and oh what a night it was. This years’ ZimHealth fundraising gala was more than just an event: it was a celebration of Zimbabwean culture and music, a powerful reminder of the universality that binds us and a tribute to the arts.

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