Zimbabwe Network for Health – Europe

Institutions intending to apply for support from ZimHealth will need to fill out the ZimHealth Request For Support Form and submit it to the ZimHealth Secretary General. Before submitting your application request, please ensure you have read and understood the guidelines below.


ZIMHEALTH – Guidance for Selection and Submission of Applications for Support of Health Institution

ZimHealth is a non-aligned, non-partisan and apolitical association which seeks to mobilise financial, material and human resources to support health services in Zimbabwe. Its guiding principles include:

  • Focusing on requests from cities and towns; specifically, polyclinics in cities, towns and rural areas which form the backbone of primary health care for most Zimbabweans.
  • Providing support through procuring and sending medicines, equipment and other commodities instead of providing money.
  • Catering for the most disadvantaged, vulnerable and poorest populations


Criteria for Providing Support

  1. Emphasis on good corporate governance (transparency, clarity and accountability)
  2. A demonstrated commitment to institutional strengthening, sustainable development and gender sensitivity
  3. Accessibility of clinic within the greater city/town suburbs, proximity to most transport routes within the city/town or rural areas
  4. Institution to be supported should be busier relative to other clinics in the same municipality/commune – based on e.g. bed capacity, deliveries, consults per specified period
  5. Institution must have in a place a self-motivated health team
  6. Institutional strengthening
  7. Sustainable development
  8. Gender development
  9. Professionalism and strong emphasis on learning and sharing of lessons learned
  10. Acceptance to use ZimHealth logo on donated items
  11. Commitment to facilitate and enable follow up and audit visits by ZimHealth or its appointed representative(s)
  12. Understanding that donated items can only be used for the stated purpose for which they were donated
  13. Request for assistance must be supported and acknowledged in writing by hierarchy in the local health authority e.g. Director of Health Services, Medical Superintendent or Chief Executive, as well as commitment to facilitate continuity of supported and other activities and developments


Role of the applicant

Documents to be submitted in support of application

  1. Cover letter
    – Motivation behind the request for support . Clear indication of the support required e.g. medical equipment, laundry and kitchen equipment, supplies such as bedding, sundries etc
    – Commitment to provide the necessary support for service/maintenance, repair and security of all donated items
  2. Support letter from highest authority for health with oversight of the applying institution e.g. Director for Health Services in local authority, Medical Superintendent or Chief Executive if not signatory of cover letter. The proposal should demonstrate whether the support being sought is in line with the objectives and management plan of the institution or authority.
  3. Completed ZimHealth Questionnaire, including information regarding
    – Indication of whether any assistance is being received or solicited from other development partners or authority
    – Indication of any activities the institution will engage in itself to complement the request or sustain the developments.
  4. Lists of requirements, specifications etc. to be reflected in annex(es) (see Appendix I)


Applicant’s role on receipt of donated items

  1. Notify ZimHealth Secretary General confirming receipt. A list of all received items with official stamp and cover letter will be adequate.
  2. Use the spray paint and stencil supplied with consignment to paint the ZimHealth logo on major items.
  3. Notify ZimHealth of any plans for official ceremony for handover and acceptance of donated items.


Role of ZimHealth

  1. ZimHealth through its Secretary General will notify all applicants on receipt of their application.
  2. ZimHealth, through the Chairman, will notify all applicants once their application has been considered and a decision taken to support the entire application, or part of it, or indeed not to support it at all.
  3. Subsequent to notification of acceptance of all or part of a request, ZimHealth will follow-up with applicant to confirm details of supported request items.
  4. After confirmation with applicant ZimHealth will procure the supported items and provide a Certificate of Donation which may be used by the applicant to obtain from the Zimbabwe authorities exemption from import duty.


Annex I

Recommendations for instruments, sundries, pharmaceuticals, furniture, equipment, etc
In order to ensure consistency, correct item supply and compliance with current Ministry of Health Policy, applicants are encouraged (as much as possible) to use and refer to the current National Pharmaceutical Company of Zimbabwe (NatPharm) Catalogue for description of requested items.

Recommendations on requests for Major Equipment

  1. Standardise equipment with what is generally available or preferred
    This ensures a greater likelihood of:- Economical purchasing of spare parts and appropriate storage
    – Availability of instruction manuals
    – Availability of local expertise in operation and maintenance procedures
    – Selection of appropriate equipment
  2. Involve technical departments
    Technicians can be asked to consider and advise upon:- Installation, operation and maintenance requirements
    – Staff and training requirements for users and technicians
    – The essential spare parts required
    – Appropriateness of equipment in terms of running costs and technical design
  3. Specify clearly items to accompany the equipmentThese should include:- A full set of technical documents in a specified language
    – An agreed quantity of spare parts and supplies
    – A document of warranty (guarantee) for the replacement or repair of faulty equipment
  4. Use a check-list (see below) including all the above.
    Example of major equipment check-list
    1. Name of equipment

    2. Description of equipment

    3. Equipment type as included on national Standard Equipment List if available4. Technical specifications

    5. Functions required

    6. Special requirements

    7. Staff available for:
    a) Installation
    b) Operation
    c) Maintenance
    d) Other (Specify)

    8. Utilities:
    a) Power supply
    b) Fuel type
    c) Voltage
    d) Frequency
    e) Phase
    f) Other issues
    g) Water system
    h) Water type

    9. Any other comments