Zimbabwe Network for Health – Europe

Leadership, governance and management

The association has a volunteer Executive Committee duly elected annually by the ZimHealth Annual General Assembly meeting. The ZimHealth Executive committee shall consist of up to a minimum ten members, from whom the Chairperson, Secretary General and Treasurer are chosen. Support from non-committee members is strongly encouraged to facilitate sharing of the workload to ensure consistent follow up in all areas of administration and management.

The Executive Committee is the main policy and decision making body will include includes:
• Chairperson
• Secretary-General
• Treasurer
• Deputy Treasurer
• Resource Mobilisation Officer
• Publicity & Communication Officer:
• Committee Member
• Committee Member
• Committee Member
• Committee Member

The Executive Committee will meet regularly, at intervals of no longer than one calendar month, for the despatch of business and to review and regulate the progress and monitor the performance of the association in accordance with the association’s constitution.
It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to keep, or cause to be kept, all usual and proper minutes, books of account and other documents relating to or concerned with the affairs of the association and to maintain a proper record of all their proceedings. 18

The association shall seek the services of an auditor who shall carry out an annual audit and submit to the Executive Committee on or before 31 March in each year, a report on the financial position of the association at the preceding 31 December and the results of its operations and cash flows for the twelve month period then ended.

Offices of ZimHealth

The operational physical address of the association continue to be maintained without overhead operational costs in keeping in line with organizational principle and values to keep administrative cost minimal:
Rue Virginio-Malnati 26
1217 Meyrin

Legal Entity

ZimHealth is an autonomous entity that is registered in the state of Geneva as non-partisan, non-profit making association. The association shall have perpetual succession and shall continue as an entity in spite of any changes that might occur in the membership of the association. The association shall hold assets distinct from its members. No member of the association shall have any rights in or to the assets of the association by reason of his or her membership.

Zimhealth Constitution

Annual General Meetings

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Strategic plan 2016-2020

Annual Plan 2016-2017

Annual Report & Audit Report

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