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Closing Off The Year: 2023 In Retrospect

ZimHealth held its Annual General Meeting in Geneva in the summer of 2023. During this meeting, the General Assembly met to receive the annual reports from the Chairperson and the Executive Committee. The Annual Reports presents the work carried out by the organisation to support and sustain public health delivery service in Zimbabwe over the past year.

As a reminder, the General Assembly is ZimHealth’s supreme decision making organ and any member (join here) of ZimHealth can attend its meetings. During this meeting, the Executive Committee presents the work carried out by ZimHealth in the preceding year to support and collaborate with strategic partners and institutions working with and in Zimbabwe to ensure a minimum package of quality health care services in disadvantaged communities.


Message from the Chair

The report also outlines ZimHealth’s achievements and progress during the year, as well as challenges faced by the organization and its partners. It also details the organization’s budget, volunteer numbers and focus areas of work. Patience Musanhu, the Chair of ZimHealth gave a call to action in her speech,

“For both our new supporters and those who have stood with us through the years, we extend a warm invitation to update your registration. By doing so, you enable us to keep you seamlessly connected with our progress, initiatives, and impact stories. Your involvement is not a passive gesture; it is an active participation in the narrative of Zimbabwe’s renewal.

Every investment, whether big or small, tangible or intangible, contributes to the realization of our shared vision. Join hands with us in this noble endeavour, and let’s forge a path towards a healthier, more self-sufficient Zimbabwe where every citizen receives the care and support they rightfully deserve. Every investment counts.”

An aspect noted by the General Assembly was the slowdown in the organization’s activities, both relative to fundraising (click here to donate online), communication and replacement of hospital equipment as compared to previous years. The Executive Committee launched an appeal to ZimHealth members to renew their commitment and support of ZimHealth and also for non-members to join and receive the baton from members who have decided to step away from the organization after many years of faithful service.

Facing The Future

But ending on a hopeful note, the organization vowed to change gears in the years ahead. ZimHealth, its members and organs committed themselves to a strategic shift, one that underscores the organization’s commitment to advancing healthcare in Zimbabwe in a more comprehensive and forward-looking manner. Rather than solely concentrating on initiating new projects, ZimHealth’s focus will be on augmenting our existing endeavours, optimizing fundraising efforts, and fostering deeper collaborations with the Ministry of Health and Child Care. By fortifying existing initiatives, revitalizing fundraising strategies, and forging stronger ties with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the organization is determined to make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape of Zimbabwe, propelling it towards a brighter and healthier future.

Join us today in our mission to transform healthcare for all Zimbabweans and change lives! 

To read the full contents of the report, click here (pdf).

The Zimbabwe Network for Health (ZimHealth) seeks to raise funds to procure and distribute m edicines, diagnostics, vaccines and other commodities to rehabilitate the health facilities in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s once robust health-care services have declined in recent years, exacerbated by the AIDS epidemic, a serious economic crisis and the considerable exodus of skilled personnel including doctors and nurses.