Zimbabwe Network for Health – Europe

Welcome Baby Elton

Baby Elton, his delighted mother and Sister R.C. Bosha (standing left of picture.)

On Friday 7 May 2017, Baby Elton was delivered by Caesarian section at the brand new Mabvuku Danny Makuto memorial operating theatre. The successful operation took place with the in house team of surgeons, supervised by experienced Parirenyatwa Hospital operating theatre staff. 


Baby Elton made local newspaper headlines and many people commented favourably in town. However, it seems essential to provide ZimHealth stickers and publicity information to continue broadly advertising our diaspora association’s involvement in such projects. Matron Bosha, Sister Plaxedes Sosa and other members of the Mabvuku Poly clinic staff are cheerfully bolstering ZimHealth’s reputation in the busy suburb.


Sister Bosha proudly shows the operating theatre, Danny Makuto memorial annex, Mabvuku


Danny Makuto memorial annex, Mabvuku Poly Clinic, Harare built with ZimHealth and ELMA funding and logistical support.

The Zimbabwe Network for Health (ZimHealth) seeks to raise funds to procure and distribute m edicines, diagnostics, vaccines and other commodities to rehabilitate the health facilities in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s once robust health-care services have declined in recent years, exacerbated by the AIDS epidemic, a serious economic crisis and the considerable exodus of skilled personnel including doctors and nurses.