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Monomatapa Clinic in Gweru



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Project Description: In the face of increasing demands for health services at Monomatapa Clinic in Gweru, ZimHealth received a list of requests for clinical items, commodities and equipment. Details of the items procured by ZimHealth for Monomatapa Clinic can be viewed on our website; more information about the Clinic will be included when it becomes available.

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Monomatapa Clinic - Initial request to ZimHealth Monomatapa clinic - Phase 1 procurement list

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The Zimbabwe Network for Health (ZimHealth) seeks to raise funds to procure and distribute m edicines, diagnostics, vaccines and other commodities to rehabilitate the health facilities in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s once robust health-care services have declined in recent years, exacerbated by the AIDS epidemic, a serious economic crisis and the considerable exodus of skilled personnel including doctors and nurses.