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Photo by Tai's Captures on Unsplash

ZimHealth Covid-19 Campaign: Donation of Sanitisers and Hand Soap

Following many requests from several health facilities countrywide and the generous support of our members and donors Zimhealth has procured some hand sanitisers and hand soap from a local manufacturer, Cooper Zimbabwe at a cost of US$5,000.

This is part of our ongoing campaign to support vulnerable institutions in Zimbabwe as they face the Covid-19 pandemic. Karanda Mission Hopsital and the Rusape Town Council collected their consignment in the first week of June. Arrangements for collection are being made with other institutions.

Facility Hand Sanitiser Handsoap
Units Units
Karanda Mission Hospital 15 x 10 Litres 30 x 5 Litres
Mberengwa Rural District Council* 30 x 10 Litres 104 x 5 Litres
Rusape Town Council 20 x 10 Litres

40 x 5 Litres

*For 6 facilities @ Mberengwa, Mnene, Msume, Masase, Mataga and Jeka

Photos from the pickup by Karanda Mission Hospital, Rusape Town Council and Mberengwa Rural District Council (collected by our partners, the Lutheran Development Service):

The Zimbabwe Network for Health (ZimHealth) seeks to raise funds to procure and distribute m edicines, diagnostics, vaccines and other commodities to rehabilitate the health facilities in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s once robust health-care services have declined in recent years, exacerbated by the AIDS epidemic, a serious economic crisis and the considerable exodus of skilled personnel including doctors and nurses.