Zimbabwe Network for Health – Europe
Ngonidzashe Hove: Chairperson
Ngonidzashe Hove: Chairperson

Ngonidzashe has been a member of Zimhealth since its inception in 2009.

Worked in the Projects sub-committee for sometime before being elected as Chair of Zimhealth 2018 and re-elected for the second term in 2019. Has a passion for humanitarian work.

Ngonidzashe is a retired civil servant and currently works for Webster University Geneva taking care of the acquisition of university educational resources. He has a BA Adult Education, MA Counseling. He does part-time counselling focusing on children and adolescents. He loves care work and spends some time volunteering in palliative care at La Maison de Tara in Geneva.

Being compassionate about people in dire need and working together as a team to alleviate the suffering has been one of the aspects that he cherishes so much. Being in Zimhealth has helped him achieve this long cherished dream. He finds it rewarding and is determined to pursue Zimhealth goals, as a team, right to the end.